DJI Matrice 210


The Matrice 210 is a powerful industrial-grade flight platform with world-class agility and speed, two barometers, and redundant IMUs for maximum reliability, and new, smart flight features that make capturing complex shots easy. The aircraft's visual sensors enable enhanced hovering precision even when flying indoors or in environments where GNSS is unavailable. The drone's new airframe design gives it an IP43 Ingress Protection Rating, in accordance with the global IEC 60529 standard. The M210 mechanical design, along with quick-release landing gears and mounted folding arms, makes it easy to transport, store, and prepare for flight.

The M210 is compatible with many of DJI's DGC2.0 connector gimbals, supporting a single upward gimbal or dual downward gimbals. It is equipped with may expansion ports to broaden its applications. New Intelligent Flight Batteries feature upgraded battery cells and an advanced power management system. Without a payload, the M210 provides up to 27 minutes of flight with standard batteries and 38 minutes with high-capacity batteries. 

In the box

- Aircraft Body
- Remote Controller
- Landing Gear (x2)
- CrystalSky 7.85" Monitor
- WCH2 Charging Hub
- WB37 Intelligent Battery (x2)
- Propeller Pair (x4)
- TB50 Intelligent Flight Battery (x2)
- Battery Charger
- IN2CHCharging Hub
- Power Cable
- USB Cable with Double A Ports
- Micro SD Card (16GB)
- Carrying Case
- Gimbal Damper (x3)
- Propeller Mounting Plates
- Vision System Calibration Plate
- Battery Insulation Sticker (x4)
- GPS Kit
- Single Upward Gimbal Connector
- Dual Downward Gimbal Connector
- TB55 Intelligent Flight Battery (x2)
- Screw Package
- Manuals