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Autel Robotics Evo II Dual

  • Highest resolution 640×512 30Hz thermal camera available (non-military)
  • 8K RGB camera for detailed imaging and documentation for arson investigation, mapping, and overwatch in daylight
  • 4X Lossless zoom, 8X Digital zoom
  • Best-in-class OmniDirectional Obstacle Avoidance Technology®
  • Autonomous search grid-capable for rapid, accurate scene capture
  • Compatible with all 3D Imaging software for accident reconstruction
  • Camera system with live view on remote or send to command monitors via Autel LiveDeckTM
  • Interchangeable sensors/payloads
  • Safely flies in high wind, urban environments with stability
  • 40 minute flight time
  • Airborne in under 40 seconds
  • Stream IR and/or RGB video anywhere, anytime when combined with Autel LiveDeckTM
38 minutes battery life
5.5 miles transmission range
Level 8 wind resistance
45 mph max flight speed
Magnesium Alloy Structure